We have been designing, installing, and refining water intake heating systems for the past
20 years to prevent the reduction of inflow or blockage of water inflow due to frazil ice in
the Great Lakes.  

During this time we have installed several designs and significantly improved the heated
system solution.  We now have a proprietary rust free design that is effective at solving the
frazil ice problem that can block or slow water input for water treatment plants, power
plants, and Pulp, paper & steel mills that draw water from northern lakes where frazil ice is
an issue.

It has been found to be more effective than steel screens, steel trash rack heaters,
mechanical controls such as ice booms, vibrations, and periodically reversing water flow.  
Our design also helps reduce zebra mussel and marine growth buildup.
Each system is custom designed, manufactured, and installed for your application
requirements and specifications regardless of intake size or water usage.
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One of the older designs, three 12' Diameter heating
s that were installed on top of an intake crib in
Lake Michigan.
Small heating grid being installed
on a intake pipe in Lake Erie.
Diver routing intake power cables through a gate
valve at the plant raw water well.
Our newest and most effective design to date is
funnel shaped and pictures of it will be posted soon.