We now have a design that is effective for frazil ice that can block or slow the flow of the water intake.  
This keeps in service water treatment plants, power plants, and pulp, paper & steel mills that draw water
from northern lakes.  
Please review the Emergency riser water door video below.  

The patent pending emergency riser water door is approximately one quarter the implementation cost of
current known heating options and is proven to keep the water plant in operation. The water door requires
no ongoing operating cost.

If flow at the main intake crib is restricted, the plant operator opens a valve on shore opening the water
door and flow in the main intake pipe is restored allowing normal plant operation.
An LED read out
positioned at the operating valve will tell the operator the open or closed position of the water door.

has been proven to be more effective than electric crib heaters, steel screens, air burst systems,
mechanical controls such as ice booms, vibrations, and periodically reversing water flow.  

Additionally, our non-heated intake screen designs also helps reduce zebra mussel and marine
with minimal restriction and no annual cleaning.

Each system is custom designed, manufactured, and installed for your application requirements and
specifications regardless of intake size or water usage.
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Diver routing air lines through sluice valve at the
plant raw water well to control open/closing
water door at emergency riser.
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