Tethered remote video inspections to 1,000' deep and up to 6,750' of penetration within
flooded pipelines, concrete lined & rock tunnels and shafts.

Sonar profiling and imaging to locate submerged structures for recovery and obstacle
avoidance under turbid water conditions; condition surveys of concrete lined and
unlined canals, piers and abutments, and across dam faces.

Use of small, portable ROV inspection systems for cost effective and easy deployment
in tanks, reservoirs and lakes with larger systems powerful enough to work in ocean
currents and deeper water inspections specified for complex tasks and larger payloads.

Still photograph documentation, laser imaging/sizing and development of specialized
tooling for small & limited function manipulators, ultrasonic thickness gauging (UT) and
water quality testing & monitoring.
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Patent #6,020,918   Pipe Video Inspections of unlimited penetration (a 32,000 feet
inspection was provided recently) within flooded pipelines, concrete lined & rock tunnels and
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