Lake Erie Diving also provides robotic Potable Water Tank and Reservoir inspection and
cleaning services to help the customer ensure the storage and delivery of safe drinking water.

It doesn't matter if your tank is on-grade, below grade, clearwell, pedestal, standpipe, or
tower, our diving and/or ROV inspections services will provide detailed images and recorded
voice descriptions of alum collection, state of the internal submersed structures, and leakage
detection.  This is done with our commitment to rigorous health and safety codes to ensure the
continued operation of your facility.

We use a variety of safe and effective cleaning techniques that will depend on the customer's
individual needs.  Cleaning will remove sand, sediment, flocculated material, lime and silt from
your storage system. All work can be performed while your system is full and operating in a
normal manner, eliminating downtime and loss of storage capacity.
Click to see video ...........
Click here to see video ......
Bottom view of Lake Erie Diving's
designed and built robotic rubber
tracked tank/reservoir cleaning

Click on the picture to the left to see
a brief video of the cleaning
machine at work
Top view of the robotic cleaning
machine with 300 watts of light,
high resolution color video
camera recorded to DVD, 3"
pump atachment, and teflon
bumbers to protect the tank
Elevated storage tank cleaning.
Placing Seabotix 300 XL
Remotely Operated Vehicle into
a finished water reservoir to
perform a visual inspection.

Click on the picture to the left to see
a brief video of the ROV inspecting
a concrete clearwell and measuring
sediment depth.
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