Operating since 1981, Lake Erie Diving has been recognized by the industry and clients for its
safety, quality and innovative commercial diving and pipe inspection services provided by its
highly qualified staff.

Mr. Patrick Murphy is the founder and president and remains actively involved in all of the
organization's services.

The Painesville Township facilities located in Northeast Ohio include a company-owned 8,000
square foot office, shop, and equipment storage building.  All ROV (remotely operated
vehicles) and commercial diving equipment is serviced and stored in a clean and easily
accessible environment.

Several work boats and vans are professionally maintained and available for scheduled or
emergency marine and water-plant services to support our customers.

Lake Erie Diving offers in-house fabricating and machining facilities for needed specialized
equipment to reduce and possibly eliminate any potential job downtime.  Also in the Painsville
facility there is a 6,000 gallon water tank for testing of equipment and safety training.

Lake Erie Diving is a member of and work closely with associations such as:

You can see our advertisements in the American Water Works Association's Ohio Section
Newsletter as well as in other leading industry periodicals.    
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