Specializing in pipeline inspections and cleaning of any length, our services address a complete
range of domestic and international customer needs, including:

We work closely with Marine Consultants and Engineers on large and small marine projects. Our
qualifications and expertise in pipeline inspections with the use of ROV (remotely operated
vehicles) and commercial diving support our clients needs.
Our Goal
Lake Erie Diving, Inc., has always remained committed to providing professional commercial
marine related services and diving with qualified personnel, state-of-the-art commercial diving
equipment and expertise with safeguards to ensure the safety and delivery of quality ROV and
commercial diving services.

Our goal is to continue to provide innovative and environmentally safe and effective solutions for
our current and future clients within the Marine industry.
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Lake Erie Diving, Inc.
Professional Diving and ROV Services
Lake Erie Diving's Deep Ocean Engineering HD-2
ROV with two Norbit Multi-beam Sonars mounted
bottom survey.